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May 26, 2005

桃谷恵理子 - プロフィール
Eriko Momotani - Profile - see below for english text




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Born in Osaka in 1964. Lives and works in Paris.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University, Momotani moved to France in 1990 to study photography. There she developed an interest in curating which she went on to study in the Licence de Conception du Projet Culturel Department at Universite´ Paris 1. In 1995 she organized an exhibition titled “Micro Exposition chez Eriko Momotani” in which she made her own 20 square meter studio apartment available to the public. Momotani has since organized 21 exhibitions featuring 22 artists. In 2003 she organized her first sound exhibition. This was realized by featuring sound installations and concerts that provided visitors with a sonic experience that filled the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet and the bedroom. The word “micro” has two meanings - an extremely small space, and that only a minimum of measures is all that is needed. In 2003 Momotani held an exhibition of source materials as well as a performance at Scratch Tile in Yokohama.

Major exhibitions Momotani has curated include Nick Gee- “Breakoff”(1996), Mathieu Mercier - “Melamine structure for a sofa”(1996), Jason Karaindros - “Fugues”(1999), Patrice Hamel - “Dilemma - Replique No.17”(2000), Eriko Momotani & Jakob Gautel - “One Hundred Views of Mt Fuji ~ a hommage to Hokusai"(2001)”, Ai Kitahara - “Mes lieux de transit”(2001, photo right), Carmela Uranga - “Head-lines”(2002, photo left), and Alexandros Markeas - “Concerto Spaziale"(2003).

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homestay blog オープン!

今日から、"microeriko homestay project"のホームページが始まります。

はじめまして。homestay blogの管理人、たかはしです。

ここでは、歌って踊れるキュレーターmicroerikoネエさんのhomestay projectの様子をみなさまにお伝えするために、日・仏・英のトライリンガルで更新していきます。


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事象・現象 まずは表面・ヴィジョンから
things, phenomena - from a surface and a vision, at first.

━━ n. 視力, 視覚; 見ること; (美しい)光景; 想像力, 洞察力; 予言力; 未来像, ビジョン; 考え; 幻影; 幻想; 映像.

no word in japanese which can be exactly the same as that word in english

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May 17, 2005

A Rainbow over the Bay Bridge

A Rainbow over the Bay Bridge「ああ、もしかしたら自分は本当に横浜に住みたいかも・・・!」という気持ちがふつふつと沸いてきたその日、ベイブリッジにかかる虹の光景に遭遇しました。

On the very day when I said to myself,"Ah, maybe I really want to live in Yokohama,"
I saw a rainbow apprearing over the Bay Bridge, one of the emblematic places of this city.

Ce jour-la, je me suis dite "Tiens, au fait, j'ai peut-etre vraiment envie de vivre en Yokohama...?" C'etait un sentiment assez fort, et voila, j'ai vu cette arc-en-ciel apparaitre sur le Bay Bridge,un des endroits emblematiques de Yokohama.

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